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Coaching: Organizational Perspective by Barbara Davenport
about 3 years ago

Coaching for Communication Skills and Leadership: An Organizational Perspective, by Barbara Davenport, is a useful introduction to this important practice in business and the workplace. It is a book that has been designed for both students and professionals who wish to learn more about communication skills and leadership through coaching.


Coaching for Communication Skills and Leadership addresses the issue of communication skills in employees. The author looks at these skills in terms of management, in terms of what type of leadership an individual displays, as well as how it can be affected by the people who are around him or her. This is especially important for those who have to deal with communication issues within their own work environment, because communication in this context can actually impact other people.


The first section of the book is dedicated to communication skills, because this is the topic that will be covered in the rest of the text. This includes a discussion on communication models - such as modeling for employees, modeling for leaders, and modeling for society. Then there is a look at the importance of listening and giving feedback, as these skills are essential for building successful communication relationships within an organization.


The next section of the text is dedicated to leadership. This section covers the development of leadership, as well as the implications of effective leadership. A review of the literature on leadership training is provided, as is an outline of the best practices of effective leadership, including some examples of successful leadership in various organizations. It is also stressed that in order to be truly effective at leading, it is essential to be able to recognize and manage conflict and be able to use communication effectively to solve problems.


The third part of the text is dedicated to key concepts related to communication skills and leadership. The section consists of eight short articles, each of which covers one key concept relating to the relationship between communication and leadership, and how these concepts can relate to the work environment, work life, and even other disciplines. Coaching for Communication Skills and Leadership covers all of these key topics in the best possible way. The articles cover different aspects of communication, including listening and giving feedback; conflict management and effective communication; leadership skills and communication.


This is an excellent book to read if you are looking to improve your coaching skills. The book covers everything that is needed to help the coach to lead, communicate, and lead effectively. It is an excellent introduction to communication skills, and leadership, and it is well-written and informative. Get an additional details from Cadence Leadership.

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Coaching for communication skills and leadership is a valuable and complex area of study. There is no one magic answer that will help you gain clarity in this area.
Coaching for communication skills and leadership is a valuable activity.